As much as I would *love* to call myself a photographer.. it really is more of a hobby/interest;)  I have no aspirations to be a photographer professionally.  When I started my blog I shot all of my pictures with my simple point and shoot.
It's a Canon SD1000.  There are newer models out now.  I still use it sometimes because of it's convenient size.
Now I'm shooting with a Canon Rebel XSi.  This is my new pet/toy.  I shoot most of my food photography on this blog with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens.  I've always loved taking pictures. I started taking pictures in middle school and I've got boxes and boxes filled with photos in my closet.  Lately I've been putting my pictures together in photo books on sites like My Publisher and Blurb.  My background in Interior Design and graphics helps with this hobby a lot:)  If you look back to some of my older posts, you will see how far I've come.  Hope you enjoy watching my journey.
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