Friday, December 23, 2011

The Wrath of the DIY Ornament Wreath

I made fun of my "shiny DIY ornament wreath" in a previous post, so I thought it would be funny to share all of the ridiculous details with you.  Don't get me wrong, I think this is a great idea!  Pinterest, however, can sometimes be misleading.  I'm going to blame it all on Pinterest and take no responsibility for my own actions;)  This image has been going around on Pinterest for a while (you know you all have it pinned in your "Christmas" file..).  It sells the project as easy.  The caption everyone (myself included) fails to change reads "Directions for making those wonderful ornament wreaths... who knew it was this easy?"  Well, it was not so easy (or inexpensive) for me. 

The first mistake I made was not actually reading the blog post from which the image on Pinterest originated from.  I have a really bad habit of making a mental picture of things I see on Pinterest, not reading the original website from where it came, then purchasing supplies very impromptu while I'm out.  If I had read the real instructions (as opposed to the "cliff notes" on Pinterest) I would have know I needed about 80 ornaments to make my wreath.  EIGHTY!!  That's a lot if your purchasing ornaments before Christmas.  Take my advice and wait until after Christmas when they go on clearance.  
Secondly, I don't own any wire hangers.  The hangers that come from my cleaners have one of those cardboard tubes where you hang the pants, so it's not a complete hanger.  I had to actually buy a pack of wire hangers... only I couldn't find them in the store without a plastic coating.  Do any of you want the rest of these hangers???
The ornaments didn't fit on the wire hangers with plastic coating, so I had to use wire cutters to cut it off in order to fit the EIGHTY (not bitter) ornaments I had already invested into this project.  Oh, and did I mention that I had to hot glue the metal cap onto each ball???  That happened...  That's why I couldn't return them and cut my losses after I realized I needed EIGHTY to make a full wreath.  Two trips to the store and several days later I had the complete wreath.  But how do you close the wire at the top??  I ended up going back to the store and purchasing some thin craft wire.  I overlapped the ends of the hanger onto each other and wound the thinner craft wire around it about 1,000 times. 
So, if you happen to have EIGHTY extra ornaments lying around or you find them on clearance (and you have a wire hanger without plastic coating)... this is the DIY project for you.  Next year I'm just going to purchase a live wreath from Whole Foods and add my own bow.... 


Los Pelles said...

I made one too, but I read the tutorial and had bought cheap ornaments from Wal-Mart last year!

I fashioned the end together and hid with a bow.

Nickymasson said...

I made one too but I hot glued everything to a Styrofoam wreath. I ran out of ornaments and patience! Maybe I will finish it next year. You are right,very deceiving

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