Thursday, July 21, 2011

mommy's project: 52

I have something exciting to share with you!!  I'm starting a new weekly project on my blog and I want all of my mommy & daddy blogger friends to participate.  A few blogs I read are doing a project 52 and I'm insanely jealous of them.  Project 52 is a challenge geared toward getting fresh content on your blog.  Mine is going to be a little different as I'll be directing the theme for you each week.  Let's face it, we all need some inspiration and a little push to make us more creative.  If you don't have a blog yet, now is the perfect time to start one.  I'll provide you with ideas for posts once a week for an entire year.  If you already have one, let's start having some fun together!  This isn't just for photographers like most project 52's out there, anyone can participate in this one. 

I want to challenge you all to join my Mommy's Project: 52.  You don't have to be a Mommy to participate, I'm calling it that because I'm a Mommy:)  There are lots of great Daddy Blogs out there too and I would love it if some of them would participate as well.  You can be a mommy or daddy of a pet too.  You do need to have a blog.  Mommy's Project: 52 is a one year challenge to do something creative with me and other blogger parents once a week. 

How it works:

Starting on August 4, 2011 we will all post once a week on our own blogs on Thursdays by using the words below  (as listed by date) as inspiration for the rest of your post.  Example:  Your first post will be.  "Mommy's Project 52:1  Teaching".  From there it's all up to you how you want to interpret it... it just has to be something creative.  You can post a "teaching" picture.  You can tell a funny story that has something to do with teaching.  Write a poem.  Post a sock puppet video on U-tube.  Sing a song. Draw a picture.  Bake a cake.  Tell a joke.  Share your advice on the subject.  Do a dance... whatever your little heart desires.  Link up your blog below so we can all see what you come up with each week.  Checking out each others blog is going to be half the fun of this project.  I'm also going to link all participating blogs at the end of each project 52 post I write.

You can start anytime, I just ask that you follow the schedule below when you start so that we are all on the same theme each week. 
  1. teaching (08/04/11)
  2. silly (08/11/11)
  3. challenging (08/18/11)
  4. dirty (08/25/11)
  5. loving (09/01/11)
  6. crazy (09/08/11)
  7. selfless (09/15/11)
  8. happiness (09/22/11)
  9. caring (09/29/11)
  10. cleaning (10/06/11)
  11. rewarding (10/13/11)
  12. time out (10/20/11)
  13. bathing (10/27/11)
  14. fixing (11/03/11)
  15. nap time (11/10/11)
  16. organizing (11/17/11)
  17. leading (11/24/11)
  18. styling (12/01/11)
  19. folding (12/08/11)
  20. cooking (12/15/11)
  21. shopping (12/22/11)
  22. working (12/29/11)
  23. dressing (01/05/12)
  24. playing (01/12/12)
  25. making (01/19/12)
  26. networking (01/26/12)
  27. saving (02/02/12)
  28. dancing (02/09/12)
  29. family (02/16/12)
  30. spiritual (02/23/12)
  31. singing (03/01/12)
  32. tradition (03/08/12)
  33. musical (03/15/12)
  34. outdoors (03/22/12)
  35. smelly (03/29/12)
  36. colorful (04/05/12)
  37. pretending (04/12/12)
  38. emotional (04/19/12)
  39. flexible (04/26/12)
  40. natural (05/03/12)
  41. entertaining (05/10/12)
  42. sharing (05/17/12)
  43. speaking (05/24/12)
  44. sweet (05/31/12)
  45. thankful (06/07/12)
  46. beautiful (06/14/12)
  47. respectful (06/21/12)
  48. loud (06/28/12)
  49. sad (07/05/12)
  50. forgetful (07/12/12)
  51. responsible (07/19/12)
  52. active (07/26/12)
At the end you will have a nice collection of memories from an entire year.  Maybe I'll show it to Ava someday when I need some serious mommy guilt powers on my side.  "What, you want to do what???  But .. but... look at how I use to freeze perfectly square cubes of fresh organic veggies for you when you were a baby"...  hehehe...

I've been filling out a Mother's monthly reflection journal for Ava that my sister gave me for Christmas.  I used some of the things I've written in there as an inspiration for the words above:)  A lot of the words are subjects I'm interested to hear about from other parents.

Of course you are allowed to use the logo above on your blog and invite all of your friends and family to join.  The more people you know doing the project, the more fun it will be. 

Starting a blog is easy and free.  Mine is hosted by blogger.

Example Post:

Mommy's Project 52:1 Teaching

Monkey see monkey do.  I'm teaching Ava how to count everyday using her pop-up toy.  After she pushes down all of the animals in the correct order, I clap my hands and cheer.  Ava gets the biggest smile on her face and rubs her stomach when she gets it right.  It makes her kind of look like buddah when she does it.  It is the cutest thing on earth and it's our favorite game to play:)

I'll do something different on the first real day of the project...  I can't wait to get started!!!

Link up your blog below to participate:


shauna said...

I love this idea! I think I'll join in. I will link up when I post my first. ;)

Shauna said...
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myronette said...

Done and done. Check it out!

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