Saturday, July 9, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

These chalkboard wine glasses are *really* easy to make, inexpensive and fun to play with at a party.  They also make a great ice breaker.  Use chalk to write your name, draw funny pictures (self portrait?) or write the name of your wine if you are doing a tasting.  They are fun to give as a gift too.  No more loosing track of whose glass is whose.   

Set of wine glasses (I used Svalka from Ikea, set of 6 for $4.99)
Painters tape
Krylon Chalkboard Paint


Wrap the stem of the glass with painters tape.  Holding the glass in your hand, spray the foot of the glass with chalkboard paint.  Hold the can of paint a few inches away from the glass to ensure an even coat and point down to make sure you do not get any on the rest of the glass.  Place the glass down to dry on disposable material such as an old newspaper or bubble wrap.  Apply three coats.  Make sure to wait until it is completely dry before applying a second or third coat of paint.  Remove the painters tape when completely dry.  Wait 24 hours before writing on the surface with chalk. 

Wash glasses by hand.

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Brea Ellis said...

Oh what a fun idea! Perfect for parties!!!

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