Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy Daughter Day & Toy Sushi

We had a really fun Father's Day.  Zach loved the chalkboard beer mugs I made him:)  One of Ava's favorite things in the world is when Zach blows air in her face.  It's sounds weird I know... but she goes crazy.  I think she will drive a convertible some day for sure.
Zach and Ava have "Daddy Daughter Day" every Saturday while I work.  It is such a sweet way for them to bond.  If I was around *all* of the time they wouldn't have that special time and I'm sure I would be telling Zach what to do vs. letting him figure out his own way to do things.  Um, I may.. ur... uh... be a bit of a control freak when it comes everything Ava;)

My friend Heather got Ava the *cutest* wooden play sushi toy set for her 1st birthday.  Ava is now obsessed with it.  The little pieces of sushi have velcro dots so they can be picked up easily with the chop sticks (which also have velcro on the ends). 
Foodie in training...
She will eat sushi.  Oh yes, she will eat sushi.
This is her sumo wrestler squat!!  LOL:)

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