Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cloth Diaper For Overnight Heavy Wetter & Updates

I've been using cloth diapers on Ava now for almost six months and I still love using them.  I primarily use fuzzibunz one size fits all diapers during the day.  At night Ava is such a heavy wetter I use a fuzzibunz perfect size large diaper stuffed with the microfiber insert it comes with and two special hemp inserts.  I put the microfiber insert on top of the hemp inserts, then stuff the diaper.  I haven't had any leaks since I started doing it this way.  Ava is 12 months, 34" tall and 26 lbs. 
You can see how much bigger the perfect size large is compared to the one size fits all.

Another picture for comparison.
The one size fits all diapers come with two microfiber inserts.  One smaller and one larger size.  They say to use the smaller during the day and the larger size at night.  I stuff Ava's one size diapers with both the smaller and larger during the day.  The perfect size large diaper comes with one *really big* microfiber insert, shown above to the left.  I use this on top of the hemp inserts in the perfect size large diapers at night.
The one size fits all fuzzibunz diapers come with three snaps on each side whereas the perfect size large only have two.
Now for some updates.  I am loving these bummis bio-soft liners.  The small size is a perfect fit for the fuzzibunz one size fits all diapers.  Ava never has a poopy diaper at night, so I don't use them in her overnight diaper.  These are a lot more soft than the other brands I've tried.  If you don't know what this is and you just started to read my blog, I use these liners on top of Ava's cloth diapers.  They are about the thickness of a dryer sheet and they catch most of her poop.  I just lift it off her diaper by the edges of the liner and flush it down the toilet.  Occasionally a little will leak and I'll use the diaper sprayer.
This is a picture of a one size fuzzibunz diaper with a bummis bio soft small liner on top.  See.... perfect fit:)
I always wash Ava's fuzzibunz diapers with Rockin' Green detergent that is specially formulated for fuzzibunz diapers.  It only takes 2 TBSP per load.  I am working with 16 one size fuzzibunz diapers and 3 fuzzibunz perfect size large diapers.  I wash a load about every other day, sometimes every three days.  We participate in VA Green Power, so I feel a little better about the energy we use to wash the diapers.  I hang the diapers to dry on an indoor clothes drying rack.  I should mention I also have a gro-via one size diaper with bio-soaker in the rotation.  I purchased this to try out during vacation.
About once a month I have started to soak the diapers for a few hours in oxi clean baby stain soaker to keep them fresh and clean.  Overall I'm really happy that we switched to cloth diapers.  I'm saving money, the environment and I plan to save more when we use these diapers again on baby #2.  (Which we are not planning for at least another year!!) ;)

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