Friday, May 13, 2011

Snowballs, Strawberries & Babies

Apparently blogger lost my previous post on snowballs, strawberries & babies.... so I'll post this again:(  I have a weakness for snowballs made in south Louisiana.  My favorite flavors are ice cream and wedding cake.  Yes, there is a wedding cake flavor snowball, awesome I know.  My favorite snowball stand is Plum Street snowballs in NOLA.  This picture above was taken at a little stand near my parents home on the Northshore.  A typical snowball stand will offer hundreds of flavors.  I like mine topped with sweet condensed milk.  I think my love of sweet condensed milk on snowballs explains why I love Vietnamese iced coffee so much.
My mom picked up some Ponchatoula strawberries from a guy on the side of the road while I was home for a visit.  We had these over angel food cake topped with whipped topping.  If your ever in the area you should check out the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival!

My friend Deborah and I took our kids for snowballs.  Then my sister came with her kids:)  We really like snowballs, ice cream and babies!!

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