Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthy No Bake Cookies with Sunflower Seed Butter

There are two kinds of people in this world.  Those who can be left alone in a room with girl scout cookies and those who can not.  Guess which I am;)  They are all over the place right now, so I made some *healthy* cookies to combat my cookie craving.  I am in love with TJ's sunflower seed butter.  It's good on pretty much anything.  It takes a few seconds to register that it's not peanut butter, then you get a surprising taste of creamy sunflower seeds.  I replaced the peanut butter in this recipe with sunflower seed butter and the flax with chai seeds.  These came out really delicious, YUM!
It was 80 degrees and sunny outside today.  It's incredible how much more energy I have when it's nice outside.  Ava finally fits into her cute little dress from Zach's Aunt:)  Sooo... cute, and that hat!  We played on the tennis courts for a while and Ava studdied the nets for a good 15 minutes.

Healthy No Bake Cookies with Sunflower Seed Butter
adapted from this recipe

TBSP skim milk 
1/3 cup sugar
TBSP unsweet coco powder 
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla 
1/3 cup sunflower seed butter 
1/8 cup wheat germ (toasted)
1 1/2 teaspoons chai seeds (or ground flax seeds) 
1 cup quick oatmeal 

Measure out your sunflower seed butter and set aside.  Measure out the oatmeal, wheat germ & chai seeds and set aside.  Heat milk, sugar & cocoa powder over high heat until boiling, stirring constantly.  Make sure it comes to a rolling boil or your cookies will not set.  If your unsure, use a candy thermometer and wait for it to reach soft ball stage.  Take off heat and stir in vanilla and sunflower seed butter; stir until sunflower seed butter has melted completely.  Stir in wheat germ, oatmeal & chai seeds.  Drop by large spoonfuls onto wax paper or eat immediately.

Note:  If you don't like chai seeds, you will not like them in these cookies.  Zach does not like chai seeds:(  I love chai seeds:)  Zach thinks these cookies taste like bird seed:(  I think these cookies taste like little chocolate granola bites of goodness:)
I also picked up a sample pack of honey almond butter today at Whole Foods.  SO good!!   I've been enjoying it on my honey wheat bread.  I make that bread like every week now:)  Maybe I'll try these cookies with some of this next...

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